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“I have been a patient of John DeSpain’s since moving to Columbia 14 years ago. Dr. DeSpain, Dr. Cayce and their staff have treated our family for many things over the years ranging from acute acne, severe poison ivy, and deer ticks to skin cancer. Oh, I almost forgot … I have also had some cosmetic procedures from microderms and peels to fillers, just to name a few. As time goes on it is nice to be able to maybe stop the clock for a minute or two now and again, and DeSpain Cayce are always there to help.” – Barb Glenn

“As University researchers and professors, we’re called on to present our work and to collaborate in venues around the world from New York to Seattle to Shanghai to rome. extensive travel, consulting, teaching and tight deadlines are part of our everyday lives so it’s important that we look and feel our best. We turn to Dr. DeSpain and his team of top medical professionals because they have the highest professional standards. DeSpain’s work is based on research, cutting edge innovations, and a laser focus on what is safe, healthy and natural. DeSpain Cayce Medical Spa is the go-to place for top quality treatment and the office is warm, friendly, and supportive — all done with charm and humor.” – Margaret Duffy and Esther Thorson

“Dr. DeSpain has been helping me for many years. I have turned to him for a variety of skin conditions and help making decisions concerning skin quality and treatment. It is a comfort that I am able to turn to him with questions about aging and how to approach it with a sensible attitude. There are no magic bullets to allow us to remain looking young forever, but Dr DeSpain’s advice is always to the point. He allows his patients to make decisions, but gives clear and concise guidelines to help us through the process. Perhaps his most important attribute is his willingness to serve each patient’s needs by getting to know them and their goals.” – Jane Bell

“I have been going to DeSpain Cayce Dermatology for over 18 years. I have the utmost confidence in their knowledge and expertise. I really enjoy the staff at DeSpain Cayce Dermatology, as they are always friendly and professional. I love that Dr. DeSpain and Dr. Cayce have so many state-of-the- art alternatives for less invasive procedures to protect the youth we all long to enjoy. This is one of the few doctor appointments that I really look forward to keeping!” – Mary Orscheln

“I am always amazed at the level of warmth and professionalism I experience from the staff and the physicians at DeSpain Cayce Dermatology. My family and I have received excellent treatment and care from both Dr. Cayce and Dr. DeSpain. When Dr. DeSpain removed a basal cell cancer from my nose, I went running to the plastic surgeon in fear because there was a very terrifying looking hole on the right side of my nose. The plastic surgeon remarked that it was the nicest looking removal he had seen and asked if he could take pictures of this and the healing process to show his patients! The result was beautiful; no scar to be seen.” – Amy Monahan

“I’ve been so pleased with the treatment from Dr. Cayce & staff. My fair skin is in great hands and I have peace of mind knowing that if I have any concerns or issues, they will be addressed promptly and professionally. Quality skin care is a life-long investment. You simply cannot go wrong with DeSpain Cayce Dermatology!” – Jen Wilson

“I’ve been a patient here for years, but recently I went to see an esthetician and had an exceptional experience. I found that they have expanded their office to now include a separate area for treatments! I had to bring my 19-month-old with me and the staff was very friendly to her an accommodating (I had the baby in the stroller so we had to use the elevator). I was escorted to the elevator and shown to a peaceful waiting area. We only waited about five minutes before seeing the esthetician. The staff was informative, not pushy and I left the office feeling educated and very pleased with my experience. Thank you!” – Maigan Shifley

“My family and I have been patients at DeSpain Cayce dermatology for several years now. For a family with fair ,sensitive skin this has been extremely beneficial and anytime we have a skin issue we go right to them. This was never more true than this past year. My 16-year-old daughter had a suspicious spot appear on her chest. I called the office and they got us right in. At Dr. Cayce’s advice we did a biopsy. It was melanoma. My daughter had surgery to have the surrounding tissue removed and it came back clear. We were so relieved. Thanks to my daughters awareness and all of those visits in the past, when I’d sit in the waiting room and watch the informational stories on the TV, I knew the spot needed to be checked out. Also, thanks to Dr. Cayce’s recommendation to do a biopsy, it was stage zero. It is till scary, but we know what to look for and that early detection is key. Now I tell everyone I meet, how important it is to know your skin and to have a good dermatologist. And of course, I recommend DeSpain Cayce dermatology. So grateful!” – Lesley Lyons

“I have been seeing Dr DeSpain for several years for my acne. I also bring my son in for check ups on his large birthmark for monitoring. I am always intrigued by the different treatment options for my other skin care concerns. Dr DeSpain and his staff always are helpful in answering my questions and in helping me understand options available for me.” – Katie Sims

“We have been seeing Dr. DeSpain and more recently Dr. Cayce for our family’s dermatology needs for years now. With children entering adolescence, I have really appreciated the conservative and deliberate approach acne concerns. Dr. Cayce is upbeat and easy for my kids to talk to. She always returns our calls promptly and gives good advice that is clear and understandable for even my kiddos. We are so happy with our experience!” – Lisa Boyer and the Boyer-Fajen Family

“I love DeSpain Cayce Dermatology Center & Medical Spa. I also trust them totally, to provide me with the right skin care & treatments.

All the staff are knowledgeable & friendly, a special thanks to Hanna Brethower.

I am relatively new to Como & DeSpain Cayce is a trusted name, so I feel fortunate I found them when I moved here.” – Sheryl Stratton

“I have been going to DeSpain Cayce Dermatology for over 4 years. I have the utmost confidence in their knowledge and expertise and love the people there. The staff at DeSpain Cayce Dermatology are always friendly, professional and make you feel special. I love that they provide so many state-of-the-art alternatives for less invasive procedures to protect the youth we all long to enjoy. My husband doesn’t even mind me spending money at this place and that says a lot! I have also had basal cells removed from my face and after healing people do not notice anything has changed on my face at all. That tells how great this place is and how caring they are for the people they serve. I travel 90 miles to see them instead of going to the dermatologist in my home town. The time is well spent in my opinion!!” – Rose Harker

“I had my first experience with DeSpain Cayce Medical Spa recently when I had to take my daughter in for a skin condition. I was immediately impressed with how courteous the front desk employees were. We had to wait no longer than 5 minutes before Nurse Lee took us back to the room. Her personality was very warm and put my daughter at ease. Dr. DeSpain came in to assess my daughter and was wonderful at explaining what was going on and what our options were. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes and didn’t feel at all cheated on the diagnoses and treatment. I will highly recommend DeSpain Cayce Medical Spa to anyone.” – Wendy Glascock

“I have been coming to DeSpain Cayce Dermatology for several years now.” Currently I see Erika an esthetician with whom I am well pleased. Additionally my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter see Dr. De Spain for their acne and other skin issues. This is where I have my annual skin cancer check-up. We are all very pleased with the services.” – Marie Colvin

“I had my first appointment about 7 months ago. I called to make my appointment and I got right in. The staff has always been friendly and always understanding if I need to switch appointment days. I have seen Hannah 4 times now and I’m seeing great results. I would definitely recommend anyone that has acne problems to make an appointment. The best part is the first consultation was free. I didn’t feel rushed and I feel that all my need have been met at each appointment.” – Sarah

“Dr. DeSpain and Dr. Cayce are wonderful!! My skin has never looked better. I have been to many dermatologists and no one has given my skin the attention it needed. Dr. DeSpain, Dr. Cayce and their team are very caring from the moment you walk in to an appointment until the moment you leave.” – Mary

“Receptionists are polite, listen and work to accommodate your appointment needs and make changes when requested. Drs DeSpain and Cayce are professional and skilled in accurate diagnosis and treatment. Esthetician Erica focuses on you only to give personal service and make recommendations for skin care. She is also technically skilled in her procedures. Both Julie and Laurie went out of their way to help me with scheduling and billing. Overall, the services in this practice are superior.” – Jacqueline Carton

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Cayce for about a year now and I have always been impressed with the level of service I receive. The staff is warm and attentive. Both Megan and Dr. Cayce listen to what my issues are and answer my questions thoroughly. I have recommended them to several of my friends and will continue to do so.” – Colleen Cusumano

“Dr. DeSpain has been so helpful for me. He has helped me with acne through my teenage years and has helped me to achieve clear skin. I recommend him as a friendly, knowledgeable dermatologist.” – Alexandra Gibler

“I have been a patient with Dr. DeSpain for several years now for acne rosacea. He has been most helpful in reducing the symptoms and improving the appearance of my skin. He has a pleasant and professional personality and answers my questions very thoroughly His staff is always welcoming. I have also utilized some of the services available from the Medical Spa and have found the staff to be welcoming and the treatments to be effective.

Dr. DeSpain has also treated members of my family for various dermatological issues and everyone agrees that Dr. DeSpain is one of the best dermatologists in the Central Missouri area.

I highly recommend DeSpain Cayce Dermatology Center and Medical Spa.” – Nancy Gibler

“I have been suffering from severe acne for over a year. After some urging from my family I decided to see DeSpain Cayce dermatology for consult and possible methods of clearing my skin of acne. I have never been more excited about the possibility of a clean face than I am now. DeSpain Cayce has a wonderful staff, they are very knowledgeable, and I feel very comfortable with talking about my skin issues. I would highly advise anyone with acne issues to come in and ask the questions.” – Gabriel Calvin

“Dr. DeSpain and Dr. Cayce stay at the forefront of technology while assuring that their patients have the best and most appropriate care. In addition, they have a terrific staff of kind, helpful, and highly skilled people. It’s a great place.” – Margaret Duffy

“My family now all comes to DeSpain-Cayce because of my initial positive experiences with Dr. DeSpain. Both physicians and the staff has all been very helpful, reassuring, and professional.” – Christine Cloutier-Weddle

“I would not go any where else for care. Dr. DeSpain, Dr Cayce and their staff are the best in town. Thank you for all you do!” – Maura Breting

“I have been seeing Dr. DeSpain for over 15 years. Initially, it was for skin cancer checks since I lived 24/7 in the sun and water growing up. Dr. DeSpain is diligent to educate you about spots that are nothing, to spots that are something! His office staff is very professional, yet very warm and caring. Over the years, my husband and son have seen either Dr. DeSpain, or Dr. Cayce. Dr. Cayce is a wonderful doctor as well. We will continue using DeSpain & Cayce Dermatology and their growing services!” – Linda Brooks

“I started going to Dr. DeSpain last summer and I felt very welcomed and comfortable as soon as I stepped into the room. I came to see him with an acne problem that I was sick of trying to keep under control and I am happy to say that my face is very clear. I feel way more confident in myself thanks to Dr. DeSpain!” – Kelsey Ward

“DeSpain Cayce has been great to help with my sun damage. The Doctors and staff are very kind and helpful. They treat both women and men so give it a try!” – John Kerr

“In the course of trying to find a solution for minimizing a scar, I had been to a dermatologist who then sent me to a plastic surgeon, both of whom did not feel they could treat the area. I found DeSpain Cayce, and was relieved to hear they had a treatment for lessening the appearance of the scar. Dr. DeSpain and Hanna were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend the DeSpain Cayce clinic for caring, competent care.” – Carrie

“I first saw Dr. DeSpain for my atopic dermatitis 15 years ago. I have always found him to be kind and compassionate. He takes the time to thoroughly answer my questions, and he seems to be on the constant lookout for new ways to help me. In 35 years I have seen literally dozens of doctors, and I am thankful to be under the care of Dr. DeSpain. He is simply the best.” – Kelly Stephens

“Dr. DeSpain is the one of the kindest doctors I have ever met. I was floored by this entire office, from the way they answer the phone to scheduling appointments and fitting me in. In person, they are all just as incredible. You can tell by how nice everyone is that Dr. DeSpain is not only an incredible doctor, but a wonderful person as well. I have been through numerous doctors and he is really one of a kind!” – Ali Zecj

“I have been seeing Dr DeSpain for a number of years now, for a variety of different skin problems. Dr DeSpain is very professional in every way; he is friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He is very genuine in his desire to solve your skin problems. I currently am being treated by an esthetician, Hanna, who is absolutely wonderful. This is for treatment for rosacea. I love the new medical spa – Hanna makes me feel like a queen; my skin is beautiful! I am so thankful for Dr DeSpain and his entire staff.” – Anne Cunningham

“Doctor DeSpain and Doctor Cayce have both treated me before, and they’re both absolutely wonderful! They listen carefully before addressing my issues, and they always resolve any issues I have the first time. After being introduced to their makeup products my skin has become much easier to manage. I’ve recommended everyone I know to them, and will continue to do so. They do a fantastic job!” – Christina Palmer-McHone

“I have been a patient of Dr. Cayce`s since the time she started practicing in Columbia, and I have been very impressed with the care she has given me. I don`t think I could be in better hands than Dr. Cayce and the staff at DeSpain/Cayce Dermatology (and I have been to a few dermatologists over the years). She is very thorough in her examinations, and she always takes time to answer my questions. She is also very knowledgeable about the latest treatments and procedures to treat skin conditions. I highly recommend DeSpain/Cayce Dermatology to anyone.” – Jack Quinlan

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