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    There’s been lots of attention lately to a ‘new’ BBL (Broad Band Light) procedure claiming to youthen skin.  Some references even claim it’s able to  ‘turn back time’ or to ‘change your DNA’. Sounds too good to be true?

    Well it turns out that BBL is low energy type of  IPL, or intense pulsed light, and abundant research has shown IPL can do just that.  Properly administered IPL treatments reduce or remove brown spots and red splotchy skin and can reduce pore size and wrinkles.  These visual results are spectacular, and plenty of literature over the past 15 years has shown indeed there are positive cellular changes:


    Recent marketing claims make this sound like its a new treatment, but IPL has been offered since the 1990’s and our practice has offered IPL for 15 years.   We just bought our third generation of IPL, a state of the art device by InMode called ‘Lumecca’ and it’s the the cadillac of all the available IPL machines.  Its more powerful than any prior and much more efficient (fewer treatments needed so less cost to our patients!)

    A series of 2-5  IPL (or BBL) treatments are needed; this is not a ‘one stop’ treatment.  The procedure is virtually painless.  You can wear makeup right over the treated areas, which heal within a week or so.

    Treatment regimens are customized for every patient and in our office delivered only by licensed professionals with abundant training and experience.

    Dr D


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