• Clarisonic Brush

    Sarah Crichton, our office manager and spa director, shared some information with me about our great clarisonic brushes.  We’ve recommended them for years to most of our patients and have rave reviews.

    Interesting information:

    -Cleanses skin 11x better than manual cleansing by loosening sebum, dirt and debris.

    -Improved product absorption caused by primed skin from sonic cleansing. Vita C absorbed 61% better after Clarisonic use

    -Age-accelerating pollutants removed 30x better than manual cleansing

    -Safe and gentle to use twice a day


    Sonic Oscillation: Means the brush moves back and forth, 300 micro oscillations per second making it so that it works with skins elasticity.

    Fluid Forces: takes the power of water to cleanse the pores and flush out makeup and debris without stressing the pores.

    The oscillations and fluid forces make the movement of the pores resulting in dynamic cleansing.


    Smart Profile has a special microchip that is embedded in the brush heads. And these brush heads communicate to the handle and allow the handle to track the usage of the brush head.


    Smart Profile is the only handle that can do the face, body and pedi brush heads.

    It also has a turbo speed for deeper clean, a battery life indicator & brush head replacement indicator


    Has four speeds, Speed 4 cleanses 76% better than 1





    Dr DeSpain

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