• Who’s Injecting What?

    When considering an injectable treatment for skin aging you have to consider the qualifications and experience of who is doing the injecting, what is being injected and how it’s prepares, as well as injection techniques and expected outcomes. In our practice, only Dr. Cayce or myself inject neurotoxins (such as Botox) and fillers. We have thirty years of combined experience with these procedures. We use only name brand products purchased directly from the manufacturer and prepared as well as administered per their guidelines.

    While implying a certain level of safety and proficiency, the term medical spa (as used in Missouri) does not necessarily mean the facility is medical or a spa. In other words, a business can use the term without having anything to do with a or even any licensed medical provider. What’s more, even if a doctor is affiliated he/she may not be a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, nor even be present in the facility or in the same town while the procedures are being performed by cosmetologists, estheticians, nurses, or other designees.

    Sadly, ‘black market’ neurotoxin and filler is being injected right here in Missouri by clinics offering ‘bargain’ treatments by using imported or illegally manufactured products that are packaged and branded to imitate the real products. In this past year several Missouri physicians have been prosecuted and lost their licenses for using fake injectables.

    In my opinion, injectable treatments ideally should be performed only by medical doctors skilled in all aspects of skin disorders or care – dermatologists or plastic surgeons – in a medical setting. Alternatively, they could be done under the direct supervision (present on site during procedure) of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. While you should not pay a premium for these services, don’t seek out the cheapest options for procedures. In this area you get what you pay for and the bargain procedure can ultimately be dangerous and more expensive to correct or reverse.

    Ask your injector about his or her credentials, meet the medical director, and inspect the packaging before anyone injects anything into your face!

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